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Women's Health Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek


The purpose of WH717 is to get you ready for success on the National Certification Corporation (NCC) exam! To meet that overall goal, the course has been designed to help you:

  • Dust off and polish up information that you need for the NCC exam, especially information that you learned in didactic courses but haven’t specifically recalled lately.
  • Get back in practice taking multiple choice exams, particularly test-taking strategies and the practical aspects of taking exams.
  • Bring textbook information and clinical experiences together, particularly when those don’t seem to align completely.
  • Feel confident that you can be successful and manage any anxiety about test-taking.


Because the main purpose of WH717 is to prepare you to take the NCC exam, the course is structured to carefully align with the NCC blueprint. The modules align with the NCC domain areas and the content within each module is tied to each sub-element within each NCC domain area. The course reflects the ratio of normal vs. abnormal that the NCC blueprint indicates will be reflected on the exam. The module exams and comprehensive exams have been carefully mapped to reflect the NCC blueprint.


Many students wonder how quickly they can (or must) work through the course. Some of you are still in clinical and may use the entire term to complete the course. Others of you have finished your clinical requirements and plan to complete the course much more quickly. Either is completely acceptable! No-later-than deadlines are in place to keep everyone on track but please know that I want to hear from you if you’re having any difficulty meeting the deadlines.