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Women's Health Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek

Course Schedule Introduction

Below is the WH717 course schedule for students who plan to use the entire term for the course. Students who plan to finish prior to the end of the term e.g. students who are finished with clinical, may proceed faster. Everyone needs to complete the modules in the order listed and complete the exams NO LATER THAN the dates listed.

Please know that I understand that many of you are balancing clinical requirements and much more! If you need more time, PLEASE email or call me. I promise to be very flexible but I do need to hear from you in some way--even a quick note--regularly.

About the order of modules...I require that students work through the modules in order. This is for several reasons:

  • The first reason is because I've placed primary care and other foundational content first (foundational to the other content areas) so the content builds on each other.
  • Also, the heavier (content volume and weight according to the NCC blueprint) modules are spaced out through the term in a way that I think/hope will provide a reasonable flow for students.
  • The last and least important  reason is a practical one for me: with deadlines in place and about 100 students between this course and the others I teach, it would be almost impossible to support and monitor that many students if everyone were on a completely different exam schedule.

All that said, if you have a personal situation you'd like to discuss with me about the module order, let's talk!

Course Schedule Information

Module Topics Required items for submission Deadline

Get Ready for WH717: review exam
blueprint, test taking strategies,
take pre-test, develop study plan

Comprehensive pre-test Pre-test due MONDAY AT START of Week 2
2 Primary care Module 2 (Primary Care) exam Module 2 exam due by Monday at start of Week 4
3 Well-woman/GYN care Module 3 (GYN) exam Module 3 exam due by Monday at start of Week 8
4 Obstetric care Module 4 (Obstetric) exam Module 4 exam due by Monday at start of Week 11
End of course All course content Final Comprehensive Exam Final exam due Friday of Week 11