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Women's Health Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek

Information about the Graded Exams

Students must take the graded module exams in the order listed in the course. Deadlines for exams are provided in the Course Schedule and on the calendar.

***Please know that I understand that many of you are balancing clinical requirements and much more! If you need more time to complete an exam, PLEASE email or call me. I promise to be very flexible but I do need to hear from you in some way—even a quick note—regularly.***


The table below depicts the number of items, point values, and time limits for each exam in the course.

Module Exam Total number of items on exam Point value for each item Total point value for exam Time allowed for exam
1 Required Comprehensive Examination Pre-test 100 1 point per item

100 points (DOES NOT COUNT

120 minutes
2 Women's Health Primary Care Module Exam 30 1 point per item 30 points 40 minutes
3 Well Woman-GYN and Reproductive Health Module Exam 60 1 point per item 60 points 70 minutes
4 Obstetrics Module Exam 50 1 point per item 50 points 60 minutes
End of course Final Comprehensive Exam 175 1 point per item 175 points 240 minutes
Total course points 315 points

Final Comprehensive Exam

This exam must be taken last, as it is meant to prepare students for the lengthy NCC exam. To align with the NCC exam, the 175-item final comprehensive exam contains the following breakdown of domain area items. Within each area, approximately 2/3 of items address normal and 1/3 address deviations from normal. Pharmacology, Assessment, Diagnostic Testing and Interpretation are incorporated throughout the content domains.

  • Primary Care: 35 items
  • Gynecologic Care: 80 items
  • Obstetric Care and Professional Issues: 60 items