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Nurse-Midwifery Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek

A guide for looking ahead to NM717

Information about Tackling a Review Course

Nearly every student who starts a comprehensive review course wonders how s/he will approach the MOUNTAIN of content. It can seem so daunting to see almost your entire curriculum laid out in one spot! But I have excellent news for you: you’ve already successfully completed the nurse-midwifery education curriculum to this point so this course is NOT intended to reteach the curriculum! You won’t need to re-read every book and article you’ve read or re-watch every video you’ve watched or re-learn every bit of content you've studied.

On the first page of each content module, I’ve provided a Module Pathway. Please take a close look at it each time you begin your review of a content area. As you begin to work through each module, note that each page in the module is tied to a specific element of the AMCB exam blueprint, and each element in the AMCB exam blueprint is represented in the module. Thus if you work through each page in each module, you will have touched everything that the AMCB blueprint indicates is on the exam.

As I’ve decided what to include on the content module pages, I’ve tried to find a balance of ENOUGH but NOT TOO MUCH! For most content areas, I’ve included:

  • Relatively concise coverage from the relevant management course (text or video lecture, PowerPoint slides, etc.) where available
  • Clear identification of exactly where to find the content in the Kelsey review guide or other textbooks you should already own (e.g. Varney’s Midwifery, Prenatal and Postnatal Care, Managing Contraception, Women’s Gynecologic Health)
  • A few outside-FNU resources like short Khan Academy videos or web-based resources

Because students’ learning needs are all different, I probably didn’t get it exactly right for all of you in every module. If the resources seem burdensome or too much, skip them. Or if you find that you need more resources in a particular area, please let me know and I will partner with you to identify them!

Some of the modules look very large (when you look at all the different elements in the modules view). Some truly are larger than others; for example, antepartum and intrapartum are heavy due to the weights of those domain areas on the AMCB exam. But all of the modules look larger than they are because every discrete content element is on its own (often brief) page and practice quizzes are included in the modules view, too, so you don't overlook them. I've made all of these elements separate so that you can easily navigate and know what's what in each area. I hope this navigation approach feels useful, and not totally overwhelming, to you. Please provide feedback about it!

And speaking of feeling overwhelmed, some students (many? most?) feel anxious during this course. Please know that this is a very normal time to feel a good bit of anxiety...about your knowledge level, about what you've retained of the last few years, about your career choices, about your life (big things!). If you're feeling anxious, please reach out to me. I am very happy to provide context, suggestions, or anything else that would help.