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Nurse-Midwifery Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek

A guide for looking ahead to NM717

Overview of NM717 course design and why course design matters

Course design element Why it matters
Content module introductions include certification exam blueprint excerpt.

 The certification exam blueprint provides a concrete goal for success in each content module. This means that if you have reviewed each topic, can accurately retrieve information about it from your brain, and can apply it in exam items, your review of that area has been successful.

 Content modules begin with foundational information (patho, pharm, physical assessment) and primary care. 

Those concepts are applied in subsequent content areas.

 Overall alignment between the modules and the domain areas in the certification exam and each sub-element on the certification exam blueprint has its own page in the course (a few small areas have been combined or reordered but otherwise there is a very close match).

 If you review every page in the course (to whatever degree you feel you need to review each topic) you will have touched everything on the certification exam blueprint by the time you finish the course.

 Each topic review page contains a note about the course the review resources came from and the specific page numbers for where to find information in your review book and textbooks.

 Identification of course information came from allows you to access notes from specific courses even if you can't remember where you initially learned that information. Identification of page numbers allows you to quickly access information without having to hunt for it.

 Some pages include “retrieval practice” suggestions.

 These can provide a template for quizzing yourself. Remember: forcing yourself to pull information out of your brain is MUCH more powerful than just re-reading words on a page. ***If student feedback indicates that these are helpful, I will work on adding more to the course.***

The course includes many practice quizzes in Canvas and direction about when/where to access practice questions in the Kelsey book.

 Quizzing yourself is an evidence-based learning strategy. Most students tell me that practice quizzes are one of their favorite methods of reviewing.

 Each module includes a discussion forum to post questions about content or practice questions.

 Faculty support!

Module exams and comprehensive pre-test and final exam are carefully blueprinted to the certification exam.

Careful blueprinting according to the overall percentages by domain areas, normal vs. abnormal content, and specific topics within each domain area is the best way we have to ensure that you have been tested in this course on what the certification exam will test.