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DNP Clinical Scholarship Planning

Resources for the DNP Clinical Scholarship Planning course

Finding and Using Toolkits

Toolkits provide resources for implementing quality improvement projects. They will contain data summaries, education materials, audit tools, and possibly bundles (a small set of evidence-based interventions for a defined patient population and care setting). Read more about toolkits at the link below.

How to Find Toolkits and What to Look For

Searching the internet (using Google or another search engine) is the best way to find toolkits. They are not usually indexed in bibliographic databases (such as Medline and CINAHL). Here are a few other things you can try:

  • If you know of a professional organization that is involved in the topic, go directly to their website and look at their resources
  • Look at completed DNP Projects to see which toolkits others have used
  • Review toolkits that aren't necessarily on your topic - you may be able to adapt them to suit your needs

Toolkits by Topic

Below is a list of toolkits organized by topic (with the topics in alphabetical order). It is by no means an exhaustive list nor is every topic represented. The list is intended to provide examples of available toolkits. The presence of a toolkit on this list is not necessarily an endorsement. When using a toolkit from this list you should still evaluate it to make sure it is appropriate for your use and contains the necessary criteria of a good toolkit.


End of Life

Mental Health


Pain Management

Satisfaction / Experience of Care

Shared Decision Making

Teamwork and Huddles