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Psychiatric Mental Health NP Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek


The purpose of MH717 is to broadly review the program material.  This in conjunction with the pre and post diagnostic readiness test will help you focus and plan on a course of study while preparing for the certification exam.  I strongly recommend attending or listening to a board review course – it is important to invest in yourself. 


The course is aligned with the ANCC certification exam blueprint.  You will take a certification preparation pretest prior to starting the module exams.  This allows you to see where you are strong and where you may need more concentration in review of the program material.  After completing ten module exams, you will take certification preparation posttest.  You will not need to study for the pre or post exams.  They are through a third part certification review company and are meant to familiarize you with the format of the certification exam.  Although they are both required, the score you earn is not reflected in your course grade. 


A commonly asked question is, “How long will this take?”  Well, you may complete the course as quickly as you would like or are able. There is no required pacing in how quickly you complete the course.  However, the course is set up to keep you up to date and to avoid your falling behind.  I know you are all really busy and probably stressed during this course.  You will be required to meet certain completion requirements within the course.  Of course, we all know life happens.  Please reach out if you need more time within the eleven weeks.