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Website Feedback
What is Discovery?

Discovery is our new single-search interface. It searches multiple databases for articles and eBooks. Try searching by topic, article or book title, or even paste in a citation or a DOI!


We use a software called ILLiad to process InterLibrary Loan requests. You can use your ILLiad account to request items, see the status of your request, or view items that have been delivered in the last 30 days. (You can also still request items through MEDLINE, CINAHL, and other databases.)

Please use the link below to access your account using your Frontier email address and password.

Having problems logging into ILLiad?

If you are being re-routed to the Portal page when you attempt to log into ILLiad, there is an issue with the cookies/cache in your browser.  Please delete your cookies & cache using these instructions:

Make sure your request has submitted!

Occasionally the cookie/cache issue is affecting users when they try to submit a request. If you do not see the following page after submitting your request, please use the link above for instructions on clearing your cookies & cache.

ILLiad successful request screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

ILL stands for InterLibrary Loan. If you need an article that FNU does not have, we can request a copy from another library.

You will receive an email with a link to download the article. You will be required to use your FNU email address and password to download items.

Usually there is not a charge for ILL requests. If there is going to be a fee to complete a request, we will notify you and confirm that you are willing to pay the fee before completing the request.

The amount of time for each ILL request varies, but we ask that you allow 2-3 business days. If you have not received a response by then, please contact the Library Technician to check on the status of your request.

Why does it take several days?

When you submit an ILL request, it has to be received and processed by one of our librarians. We then forward the request to other libraries, and have to wait for them to respond. It can take several days for other libraries to provide a copy. Once we receive the item, we forward it on to you.

Remember, librarians are in the office Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00. If you place a request during the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday morning. Similarly, if you place a request on Friday afternoon, we may receive it and put out the request to other libraries, but likely no one will respond until at least Monday.

ILL process

When looking for articles in EBSCOhost (including MEDLINE, CINAHL, etc.), a link will display underneath the article information which will tell you if FNU has access or if it will need to be requested via ILL.  There are three types of links which display:


The full text of the article is available in EBSCOhost, either in PDF or HTML format. Click on the link to access the full text.

FNU has access to the full text of the article, but not in EBSCOhost. Click on the link to be taken to the full text in the appropriate database.

FNU does not have access to the full text of the article. Click on the link to go to the ILL request form.


If you have an article reference and need to see if FNU has access, see "Find an Article" below.

We don't recommend requesting books through ILL, since they have to be sent via "snail mail" first to us and then forwarded to you. We also have no control over the lending period on the book, so you may only have it for a few days before needing to return it.

We sometimes can request individual book chapters and receive those as PDFs just like articles.

We also recommend that you look closely at the page range and other descriptive information for the items you request. If the article is only a few pages, it will probably not be helpful to your research. Abstracts and book reviews are usually only a page. Dissertations can be as long as books and may be more than you have time to read. For more information about how to identify these items in our databases, take a look at our Interlibrary Loan Process tutorial.

No, there is no limit to the number of items you can request at one time.

Find an Article

Have an article citation and need to check if FNU has access?

Option 1:
Use EBSCOhost's Citation Matcher. Watch our video tutorial for more information.

Option 2:
Using the library's e-journal search, type in the journal name. If FNU has access to the journal, you'll see a list of databases which provide access, including what years are available. Select a database, and navigate to the volume/issue to see the list of articles.

If the journal title does not appear in the result list, log in to ILLiad to submit an InterLibrary Loan request.

Need help with InterLibrary Loan?

Aimee Niles
Library Technician
Contact Aimee for questions about interlibrary loan, course readings, or the bookstore.