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Frequently Asked Questions

Library ebooks cannot be downloaded in their entirety. All the platforms we use offer the ability to download a select number of pages as a PDF. Please see the Saving & Printing eBooks box below for instructions.

Publishers can restrict how many users can view an ebook at one time.

You may receive an error when attempting to access one of these books, because someone else is already using it.

We try to purchase ebooks with unlimited user access, especially for e-textbooks. Any e-textbooks listed for a specific course are for unlimited users. A small number of e-textbooks are not available for unlimited users, and those have been noted at the top of the e-Textbooks page (e-Textbooks and User Limits).

Unforuntately, not all textbooks are available as library ebooks. If your course is not listed, we were unable to purchase the text as an ebook.

We place orders for ebooks for the next term at the same time as the booklist goes out. We expect all titles to be available before the next term begins.

Some ebook platforms or formats don't include page numbers like in a print version. For these titles, we have tried to include section headings as well as page numbers in the course readings. The reading should also link directly to the appropriate section in the ebook.

If you are having difficulty determining which sections to read, or if the readings for your course list only page numbers, please contact us.

eBooks available on the LWW HealthLibrary are mobile-friendly, and the text will resize to the device you're using.

For both ProQuest eBook Central and EBSCO eBooks, we found that text size was a bit small on a tablet, but the interface was usable.
However, neither provided a good experience on a phone. If you need to access ebooks from these platforms on your mobile device, we recommend using the PDF option, which you can then open in the app of your choice. (Please see the Saving & Printing box below for PDF instructions.)

Yes, you can add a bookmarks for the entire book, or for a particular chapter. Please read the instructions below, as an additional step is required for the EBSCO eBooks platform.

For both ProQuest eBook Central and LWW HealthLibrary titles, just bookmark the page as you normally do.

For EBSCO eBooks, you'll need to change the bookmark link to the EBSCO Permalink. Using the menu above the text, click on Permalink, then select and copy the link that appears.screenshot showing permalink

Then, add your bookmark, but click on the "More" button before saving, and replace the URL with the permalink. Then save.screenshot showing more option for bookmarkscreenshot showing bookmark details

We currently have ebooks from three "platforms" (or collections). They are EBSCOhost ebooks, LWW HealthLibrary, and ProQuest eBook Central. The collections are described on the Home page of this guide.

A quick way to determine which platform you're using is the URL (,, or

Have a question that's not included here? Contact us at

Saving & Printing eBooks

e-Textbooks cannot be downloaded in full (like you can with an ebook from Amazon, for example). However, most platforms allow you to print or save a limited number of pages at a time. Please see below for what's allowed and instructions for each platform.

LWW HealthLibrary

  • use your brower's print function
    • can "Save as PDF" for PDF export
  • entire chapter at a time, including figures/tables
    • figures & images can also be saved individually as jpeg or PowerPoint slides
  • set up a personal account to:
    • see "Print" button on chapter view
    • save favorite chapters
    • take self-assessment quizzes

EBSCO eBooks

  • page limits on printing/saving
    • ​will display under "Publisher Permissions" in either detailed record or on side menu (usually 100 pages for unlimited access titles, and 60 pages for limited-user titles)
    • use the side menu to download entire sections or chapters (as long as within the page limit)
  • to save PDF to Google Drive
    • open the ebook in either PDF or EPUB format
      • the Google Drive option on the detailed record page will export the title information, not any of the contents
    • using the menu bar along the top of the reader, select Google Drive
      • authorize your Google Drive account to work with EBSCO
      • select which pages to export, or select chapter or section (if within page limits)
      • click Export
    • a folder titled "EBSCO" will be created within your Google Drive, and exported PDFs will be available there
      • PDFs are automatically named after the book title, so you may need to rename them to match the pages or chapters they contain
  • set up a personal account to:
    • create and save notes

ProQuest eBook Central

  • pages limits on printing/saving
    • display on the item's table of contents page
    • vary depending on the length of the book
  • use the table of contents page to download entire chapters
    • click on "show subsections" if chapters are not visible
  • personal Bookshelf
    • ProQuest automatically creates personalized Bookshelf based on FNU email address
    • highlights and annotations will be saved within the system
      • but do not appear on saved PDFs or printed pages
    • annotations can be downloaded from your Bookshelf as text files