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KeyLinks is releasing a new interface in Summer 2023. We expect the interface to be available before Summer term begins, although there may be minor changes after the initial release.

If you have questions or feedback about the new interface, please contact us at

Preview Video

In this video, I'm going to give you a preview of the new user interface for Key Links, which is the course readings system here at Frontier. The homepage will remain the same. The access points will also remain the same. You can access Key Links from the library's homepage and from within Canvas. To access it on the library's homepage, scroll towards the bottom of the page and look for a button that says, "go to course readings." From within Canvas, there's a link to course readings along the left-side navigation. If a user is accessing Key Links for the very first time from within Canvas, you will see a screen that prompts you to create a Key Links account. Simply say yes to this answer. In the new user interface, I'm going to use one of these abbreviated courses to show you the additional features of Key Links. Along the top, a navigation bar that goes from left to right has been added, which will allow users to seamlessly click from module to module. There's also been a search box added so you can look for something specific in the readings list. At the very top, some additional navigation has been added which will allow you to go from course to course without having to go back to the main page. Looking at the readings in detail, there has been a form indicator added, which will indicate whether it's a book, an article, a chapter, a webpage, et cetera. If a reading is not hyperlinked, that means that the library does not have an electronic subscription to that product. So for example, this first reading is from a book, so the students would be responsible for purchasing this book. You can see that extensive notes can be added to each reading to better explain to students exactly what they're responsible for. If a reading is hyper linked, that means that the library does have an electronic subscription and the student can view the reading by clicking on the link or clicking the view online button. Under the "More" button, you can see more details about the reading. And you can also get a glimpse of the citation generator. While APA is one of the choices offered, it is important to remember that all citations generated here will need to be proofread and compared to the APA manual to ensure their accuracy before putting them into the student work. An additional situation that might pop up in Key Links is where the title of the reading is not hyper linked but there is an attached document. If you're having trouble seeing attached documents in Key Links, click on the little person icon in the upper right hand corner and make sure you're completely logged into the system. If you have any issues with Key Links or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the library. All of our contact information is on our library homepage.