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Textbook Adoption: How to Request a Desk Copy

Instructions for faculty on adopting new textbooks for their course

Requesting Desk Copies

Neither the bookstore nor the library can request desk copies for faculty. These requests must be made directly to the publisher (see links below).

Publishers may have a form for requesting a desk copy, or you may need to contact a sales representative. When doing so, use the representative for Kentucky, not your home area. When contacting them, you will want to include the following information:

  • title, author, and ISBN for the book being requested
  • name of your course and how many students are enrolled

You may also need to explain that while FNU is located in Kentucky, you will need the book sent to your home address. If the publisher asks for some sort of verification, they may contact Billie Anne Gebb, Director of Library Services,

Please remember that it can take 6-8 weeks to receive a desk copy. If you need a book immediately, order it and submit the cost for reimbursement.

Other Things to Know

Review Copy - This is a book that is being considered for adoption as a text for your class. You need a review copy so that you can “review” it and compare it with other potential texts. Review copies must be requested directly from the publisher.

Desk Copy - This is a book that has been adopted as a textbook for your class. You will need a “desk copy” so that you can mark it up, use it to develop the class, and refer to it when you or your students have questions. Each faculty member in a course may need his/her own desk copy. As new editions are published, faculty will need to request a new desk copy.

This distinction is important because publishers may have a different process for the different types of complimentary copies. For desk copies, they may want to know information about the course the book is being used in and how many students are enrolled. On the other hand, they may see both as a "free copy" and not make a distinction.

E-copy - Many publishers now provide complimentary copies in electronic format only as a cost saving measure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Desk Copies

It can take 6-8 weeks for a desk copy to arrive from the publisher. If you have not received your copy after this time you may want to contact the publisher again and verify the address where the book was sent.

It can take 6-8 weeks for a desk copy to arrive from the publisher. If you need a book immediately, you can purchase it and request reimbursement.