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Choosing a Mobile Device

See the "Technology Requirements" section of the FNU catalog for minimum requirements for supported devices. Android and Apple devices are supported. You need a device with at least 16GB of memory.

Keep in mind that mobile technology changes very quickly, and it may be necessary to upgrade your device before you are finished with your degree.

Why Mobile?

Smartphones and other mobile devices are nearly ubiquitious in today's society.  While they are a great convenience, they can also be powerful tools.  At FNU, we believe that using mobile technology is a skill that all advanced practice nurses will need. Mobile devices are required of FNU students so that they can become familiar with this technology and practice using it. Here is a list of some things you might use your mobile device for while you are a student:

  • apps to help with studying (e.g. flashcards)
  • creating a "pocket brain"
  • have access to documents on the go
  • access to audio and video files from courses
  • calendar/to do apps for organization
  • access your email from anywhere
  • start using clinical reference apps

Once in clinical, you'll have more uses for your mobile device.  See the Clinical Bound 101 course for more information.

iMedical Apps

iMedical Apps is an online publication which provides reviews of medical mobile apps and news and commentary on mobile health technology.  See their latest articles below.

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