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Scholarship Resources for Faculty

Slides: FNU Scholarlship Support_From Soup to Nuts

Scholarly Endeavor Resources_FNU Research Symposium Sept 2019

Motivation for Your Writing

Scholarly Work and Staying Motivated, by Dr. Diane Whitehead, author of "Essentials of Nursing Leadership and Management" and "Leadership and the Advanced Practice Nurse." (Presented at the 2017 Research Symposium)

Series of articles taking the writer through the writing process in the American Journal of Nursing by Karen Roush

In this webinar recorded on October 20, 2016, Jones & Bartlett Learning bestselling author Kathryn Jacobsen explores “Writing Success Strategies for Scholars in the Health Sciences.” The presentation is based on chapter 34 of her book Introduction to Health Research Methods, Second Edition.

Resources for Publication Styles

Submissions and Revisions

2019 Faculty Posters for Scholarship Mini-Symposisum