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Family Nursing Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek


This guide is intended to provide a brief overview of your FNP Comprehensive Review course. Whether you are curious how the course is set up or if you want to start studying material in the course, this InfoGuide is meant to help you!

Required Resources for NP717

The required textbook for this course is:

Codina Leik, M. T. (2020). Family nurse practitioner certification intensive review (4th ed.). Springer Publishing Company. ISBN: 0826163726

Please know that there are several other wonderful FNP certification review books available for you to purchase outside of FNU. This text was chosen because it provides a summary of FNP content. If you know that you need a more in-depth review, please browse some of the other FNP certification review resources.

Contacting the NP717 Course Coordinator

As the course coordinator for NP717, I hope you know that I am here to support you at the end of your FNP journey. Please contact me at with any questions or concerns. I am happy to schedule a time to meet with you on Zoom and I look forward to cheering you on as you jump through this final hurdle!