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Family Nursing Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek


NP717 is meant to prepare you for taking the board certification exam and ultimately to help you begin practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. By reviewing material provided in the five management courses, you will find that there are some areas that require minimal review and you feel pretty comfortable with the material. There will certainly be other areas that you know you need to review in-depth. This course gives you the opportunity to revisit the material so that you sit for boards with confidence!


The course is self-paced in that you can complete it as quickly as you would like but every student must complete a module exam every two weeks. For example, if you have finished your clinical hours and NP717 is all that you have left before you graduate, you might choose to spend your time studying and take a module exam every week, finishing up the course half-way through the term. Once you complete the course, you will need to send the course coordinator an email so that s/he can submit your final grade. All grades are typically submitted within 48 hours of when you email so that the registrar can post your grade and you can apply to graduate.

If you are still in clinical, working, or have other life responsibilities and you can’t imagine moving through the course quickly, then it is required that you take one module exam every two weeks. This means that the Module 2 exam is due at the end of week 2, the Module 3 exam is due the end of week 4, etc. Please note that Module 1 does not have an exam because it focuses on study and test-taking resources.

Incomplete Request

You may request an incomplete in the course after you finish all of the module exams. The incomplete request form needs to be emailed to the course coordinator so that it can be approved and forwarded to the registrar. Taking an incomplete in the course will give you until week 5 of the next term to take the final exam. Some students take an incomplete so that they have extra time to study for the final exam, even if they only use it to study an extra week or two. Please remember to email the course coordinator when you complete the final exam so that your course grade can be submitted.