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Family Nursing Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek

Studying Strategies

Study Guides

A study guide is provided to help you prepare for each module exam. The study guide lists conditions and diseases for each system, providing you with an overview of the material that you will need to be familiar with.


Some students find it helpful to review the lectures in the modules since this typically provides an in-depth review of each system. Other students find it helpful to review material in the required textbook by Codina Leik. Please know that the textbook does a really great job of summarizing the information but you might need more of a review than it can provide. Depending on how you study best, it is helpful to find the perfect balance between listening to lectures, reviewing previous notes that you have taken, and reviewing the textbook.

Test-taking Strategies

It has probably been awhile since you have sat down and taken a proctored exam. This course helps to prepare you for sitting to take the board certification exam by giving you several opportunities to use your test-taking strategies. Now is the time to remember what you used to do when you had to take an exam in the management course.

  • Are there things that you need to do beforehand to help you concentrate?
  • Are you prone to missing key words or changing your answers?
  • Do you need to sleep well the night before or not feel rushed because you are concerned someone might interrupt you while testing?

Please think about how you can preserve your test-taking space so that you can be successful on the module and final exams.