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Family Nursing Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek

APEA Predictor Exam


The Predictor Exam from APEA (Advanced Practice Education Associates) is paid for once by Frontier but it is also available for you to purchase through APEA’s website if you choose to take it again before boards. The purpose of the exam is to give you an idea of what areas you will need to focus on when studying for the module and final exams. Do not be discouraged by your results but instead use the APEA exam as a tool to help you prepare for success in this course and on boards!

Taking the Exam

Information on how to access the APEA exam will be sent to you on the first day of the term. The exam consists of 150 questions and you will have 3 hours to complete it. Most students seem to complete this exam in 1-2 hours. It will need to be taken during the first week of the term, so please make sure that you have time set aside to take it. You do not need to study for the APEA exam but instead it is meant to give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses. You will be given a detailed summary of each body system that you were tested on and this report will need to be submitted in the Canvas dropbox.

Graded Exams

Module Exams

Each of the five module exams are closed book and to be taken on Proctorio. Each exam has 30 questions and is worth 15 points (8.6% of the final grade).
If you do not pass an exam, it is recommended that you reach out to the course coordinator so that we can discuss study and test-taking strategies for future module exams.

Final Exam

The final comprehensive exam is a closed book exam that has 100 questions and is worth 100 points (57% of the final grade).
In order to pass the course, the total exam average must be 80% or better.

Bonus Points

Forum Posts

If a student has an overall passing grade in the course, then a total of 5 points (2.85% of the final grade) can be added if the student posts one post in each forum discussion. The optional bonus points are intended to boost your grade from a B to an A. They cannot be added to change a failing grade to a passing course grade.