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Family Nursing Comprehensive Review Sneak Peek


The course is set up to provide a review and test you on the material provided in the five management courses. These courses are:

  • Primary Care I - Module 2 exam
  • Primary Care II - Module 3 exam
  • Primary Care III - Module 4 exam
  • Pediatrics - Module 5 exam
  • Women’s Health - Module 6 exam

The final comprehensive exam will cover the material in Modules 2-6.

Order of Modules

All module exams and final exams open on the first day of the term. You must take the module exams in order, beginning with the Module 2 exam, Module 3, etc. Once the module exams are completed, you may take the final exam.


The assignments in this course consist of five module exams, one final comprehensive exam, the APEA Predictor Exam, and optional bonus points. The APEA exam needs to be completed to finish the course but is not worth any points.

Due Dates

The due dates are in place to keep you on track, so that you can complete the course in a timely manner. If you encounter a scheduling problem where having a day or two extension would make all the difference in helping you to be successful on an exam, please reach out to the course coordinator before the exam due date. I’m more than willing to work with you, being mindful of balancing life responsibilities and the ultimate goal to help you complete the course successfully so that you can move on to graduate. Communication is key and I don’t know that you are struggling unless you reach out to me!