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Simulation & Innovation: Emerging Technology


There are always new educational methodologies and technology tools being applied to the world of simulation. This page aims to give you a better understanding of some of those emerging methods and tools, with both readings, videos, and recommendations to expand your knowledge base.

**Resources are still being added to this page--it is still in a state of construction. Please be patient, I will have it fully up and running soon. Thanks!**

Emerging Technologies

Influential Figures

James Paul Gee--a sociolinguist by trade, Gee is a well known proponent and researcher in the field of educational gaming.


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Jane McGonigal--a game designer and author who advocates the use of technology to channel positive attitudes and collaboration in a real world context. Well known for her work in using serious gaming to support problem solving and health issues.

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Emerging Tech Playlists

Emerging Technology Webinars and Product Demos

DIY Simulation Tips/Tricks