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Simulation & Innovation: Resources

Organization Links

Sim Centers and Resources

Many of the larger simulation centers in the US offer information, resources, blogs, classes, etc. Exploring the websites of the sim centers below can be informational and helpful if you are looking to expand your understanding of both simulation in general and how other organizations use simulation across learner groups and curriculums. 

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)

WISH--University of Washington 

WISER--University of Pittsburgh


The Ohio State University


Online Learning

No-Cost Courses:

University of Washington Online Simulation Course

Introduction to Simulation 

University of Tennessee (on EdX platform)

Introduction to Simulation Education in Healthcare


Online TeamSTEPPS training

**Please note: Many simulation centers and organizations offer simulation courses. Many of these are offered in short 2-5 day sessions. The fees and availability for these types of programs vary widely. Additionally, most fee-based simulation training is offered in-house, not online. If you are interested in exploring face-to-face training programs, please email and we will help you find a program that works for you. 

Resource Materials